War has become not a tragedy, but an inevitable constant.

Hidden hands stir chaos among the nations of Selthyr as armies march across the plains for their mindless slaughter for land. The Gods use their servants as pieces in a never-ending game for power, blood of both innocents and “blasphemers” pooling in the tainted earth. The land dies and rots and stars fall from the sky, lunatics lining the street and preaching salvation for the coming end as the clerics decry such outrageous claims.

Few are given the choice to make a noticable difference in Selthyr, and even fewer take it. Those that do, however, are recorded in the annals of the Watchers, an organization with no affiliation dedicated to the unbiased witnessing and recording of those who do take this chance. This is my purpose, and in these pages are my findings.

Acolyte Gilallo, Watcher of the Fourth Circle.

The Selthyr Maneuver